The Start.
   In 1980 John Harms came out of trucking to be near home and started working in his Uncle William’s shop, “Willies Auto Body.” There
he discovered and mastered his talents as a body and frame repairman.  After some time Willie sold his shop and John went to work for
another shop for the next month. While employed at this shop John felt he could accomplish more out on his own. Thus was the start of his
own shop in North Spokane.
   In the summer of 1985 John built himself a new shop on Campbell Rd in Otis Orchards where he currently resides now.  That same year
John purchased a frame machine and went to
the Chief’s Training Center in Indian to be properly certified. Over the next few years, John’s
reputation as a competent, fair and well respected auto body and frame repairman would grow.
   Early 1990’s John started working on Semi-truck's to give trucking company's a quicker turn-around in Spokane. This resulted in him
repairing Semi-truck's alongside small vehicles. Besides doing a plenty of fleet work, over the years John also did many Owner Operator
tractors.  Many of which say they would have no one, but John, work on their trucks.
The People.
   John Harms
   John Harms is still the owner of the company although he is always on the go.  He has chosen to have his two sons run the day to day
operations leaving him time to dabble in different hobbies.  He now can spend the time he would like with family and friends, less time
doing the day to day grind.  
His hobbies include; Fishing, White water rafting, spending time with the family and Ultimately and MOST
significantly, Snowmobiling.
   Chris Harms
   Chris Harms grew up all around Spokane, and graduated from East Valley High school.  After graduation he we to work for a local
concrete company.  He then came across a job opportunity in Seattle working in the same field.  Throughout his time with this company he
worked in many different parts of the business.  This lead him to the company's Portland
Oregon location where he was able to learn more
about business, working environments and what it takes for a company to run efficiently.  In the mid 2000's Chris and his family moved
back to Spokane to work with his father and brother to be in the family business.  When Chris is not at work he is spending as much time
with his family as he can.
   Mack Harms
  Mack Harms was home schooled through most of his school curriculum. This gave him a good opportunity to spend time in his father’s
shop growing up. After serving a two year full time mission for his church in North Carolina he went to school at Eastern Washington
University to work on his associates degree, as well as working in his father’s shop.  In 2008, finished school and chose to devote more
time in the shop to work with his brother Chris, to someday run the business together.  When Mack is not at work he too is spending as
much time with his family as he can.
Our Promise.
           We promise a professional, friendly and safe environment when you come to visit us.  We pride ourselves in our work and
attention to detail. Valley Enterprises has combined, 60 years of experience.  We treat each job as though it were our own personal
vehicle.  Always smiling and happy to do all we can to help, there is no job to great or too small, we can handle them all. Come on in and
feel a part of our family.
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